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write も right も不正解 [英文テクニカルライターとして]

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.

--Oscar Wilde (Irish poet, playwright and novelist; 1854-1900)


シベリウスさん、何か恨みでも? [ガラクタ忘備録]

Pay no attention to what the critics say; no statue had ever been put up of a critic.

--Jean Sibelius (Finnish composer; 1865-1957)


僕は後者です [ガラクタ忘備録]

Wise men learn by other men's mistakes,
fools by their own.

--H.G. Bohn


それ、オレ。 [ガラクタ忘備録]

Some people feel with their heads and think with their hearts.

--G.C Lichtenberg (German physicist and writer; 1742-99)


アイルランドの皮肉作家 [ガラクタ忘備録]

Argument is the worst sort of conversation.

--Jonathan Swift (Irish satirist and author; 1667-1745)


作曲家バート・バカラックは文字を書くのが苦手? [ガラクタ忘備録]

A synonym is a word you use when you can't spell the word you first thought of.

--Burt Bacharach (U.S. composer)


but も one もダブルミーニング [英語講師として]

Millions say the apple fell but Newton was the one to ask why.

--Bernard M. Baruch (U.S. financier, publicofficial; 1870-1965)


何百万もの人が 林檎が落ちた と言うが、ニュートンは 何故 と問うた人だ。


Who で始まるのに疑問じゃない文 [英語講師として]

Who does not more than his duty is not doing his duty.

--Bahya ben Joseph


無関心が一番いけません [ガラクタ忘備録]

The first step in problem-solving is to admit that a problem exists.

--Mary Kay Ash (Founder, Mary Cay Cosmetics)


元・銀行強盗だった作家の文法無視の弁 [ガラクタ忘備録]

Why rob banks?
That's where the money is.

--Williie Sutton (U.S. bank robber and writer; 1901-80)


100年も生きれば、そうだよね。 [ひとりごと]

Retirement at 65 is ridiculous.
When I was 65, I still had pimples.

--George Burns (U.S. comedian; 1896-1996)


この問題 クスッと笑えば 大正解 [英語講師として]

A 氏とB 君の会話を読んで、問題に対する適切な答を①~④から選びなさい。

A 氏
 Do you think we should get directions to the conference center?
B 君  If we're going downtown, I'll be able to find it.
A 氏 With your sence of direction, maybe we should get a map.

Why does he need a map?

① The meeting is downtown.
② He usually goes alone.
③ He often gets lost.
④ It's his first trip here.

社長、それじゃ帰って来れません! [ガラクタ忘備録]


A: Perhaps I should remind you, Jack, that it is company policy to travel economy class.

B: What if the economy section full?

A: Then wait for another flight.


What is the employer angry about?

①Jack was away from the office too much.
②Jack bought a first class ticket.
③Jack missed his flight.
④Jack kept him waiting.

You mean AVATAR ? [ガラクタ忘備録]

Life is like a B-grade movie.

You don't want to leave in the middle of it,
but you don't want see it again.

--Ted Turner (U.S. broadcasting and sports executive, yachtsman)


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